Thursday, December 22, 2016

Somatic Exercise

This exercise is best done wearing the least amount of clothes. Bring paper and writing tools and find yourself field and a patch of grass in that field, a patch big enough for you to lay on and big enough for your entire body to touch grass. Lay with your stomach down on the grass and press your face into it. Sprawl out your limbs and feel that grass. Feel the weight of your body against the ground and feel the ground’s weight against yours and feel gravity press down. Write a few words without getting up. Don’t lose that connection. Don’t let anyone disturb you as politely as you can. Look at the grass where it touches the soil, called the top soil horizon, also called the organic horizon, and see what life lies between the soil and the grass. See the tunnels running through forests of grass. Listen. Imagine what life moves through there. Imagine how it clusters and reacts to your weight and to the ground’s weight and to gravity’s force. Find two other patches in the field to lay on and redo the feeling and the writing in both spots. While sitting in the last spot, draw a triangle between your spots. While rubbing your cheeks on your face and grabbing the grass with your toes, imagine those clusters and the weight of the ground and the press of gravity. Don’t let anyone disturb you as politely as you can. Feverishly write all that comes to you. Add your words written while laying on your patches. Edit as you need for as long as you need.

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