Monday, March 20, 2017

[how do you do your research?] unknowing.

I first accept that what I know — what I think I know, is likely wrong
I think I know that I know nothing at all
I like to think I know how to love/care/respect everyone as I try to learn
what there is to know —
but then I know that I cannot possibly know how to love/care/respect
                                 not right now
                                 not knowing how
                                                                               to love/care/respect my self

I must unknow to know.
and so I listen, I read, and I spiral into more
questions build
but they are in the forms of punctuation only
BIG BOLDFACED curves hovering over
endless, expansive, overbearing black holes of
deep breaths as my heart beats through my chest
and slows — how can I possibly know?
does my unknowing show?
can you please help me unknow?

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