Sunday, November 20, 2016

Collective Writing Oct. 24

All I have are questions.
Where did I come from?
I cam from the discoverers
who brought their manifest destiny
and forced it on others
How should I feel about this?

I I I 
me me me 
we we we 
symbiotic entity


of love

in between your first breath and yesterday and
tomorrow you are who you are and not what
you will be.
we are here now, love
your first to you last. And everything
in between, from all the â yi hit 
to all the â yi man, be mindful
of â yi

Love is Love is Love is Love!!!
I long to find my origin
much like this

Love is love but why can it
not be defined?

I Need to accept my circumstance of being.
a sub human martyr. I need to find a direction.
Inside outside myself and my circumstance. I Need
to recenter myself from scattered to the seven directions
of my being. 
love each and one another pulls at my pillow
Love is hard. Pulling at your heart.
constantly. â yi hiy

Love! The insurmountable bogey man.
The holy grail of holy grails
It seems like being in a vortex
but with grandmother directions.
I might find love. 

enjoy the sad days in your

life to cry Bring you happens. 

sad days and good day’s are both

part of the cycle of life. Not

every day is happiness.

There is direction to our life - guidance - gifts.

Where we come from air and dust
twenty eight days: â yi

â yi is supreme being meaning in

We are but a speckle of dust
in this vast atmosphere.
Humbling. despite learning this multiple times

we sense Past through our Body

to get rid of it.

Dust threw our body refers back to Genesis in the bible. How God
created man. 
         a nehiyaw paradigm is difficult to comprehend. 


â yi hay to Mr. Quin for teaching Neyihâw history.
He said that the conquered don't tell their own
history which is very â yi man but not
this afternoon.

Restoration of a displaced voice
Restoration of a conquered voice
bring a sense of identity
bring a sense of therapeutic peace

        if you here a voice you are +
        listening to your brain.

    listening to your brain is appropriate
since it contains more the 30, 000
nearons all firing at once,

What part of our body do we use to
listen? Our brain? Our nose to remember
smells? Touch? Toes? Is it just our ears
      64 DNA markers. numbersare significant !!
        7 holes reaching to our world
                     listen to the brain


Grateful for a blossoming of tender

Connected to a moment where communication goes beyond what I 
understand into the emotional - the 
real likfe "momma's" cookies kind of moments.

Full of warmth - full of community
full of wonder.

But how do I describe those things!

       I am reminded of holistic teachings

I am reminded of those connections how
they seem to move on their own
                         but they are connections
But how do I describe these things?

why so much emphasis on the image?
       why is it so hard to tell everyone about my background and anything else

I hear you. I believe you. The courage
connection is everything. Connection is love
                                              we are here for you
in taking these steps inspires me.


Female essence and origin of life
Female authority and significance
Chalice - shaped structures
echoing the vaginal origin of life
     know your language
     creation from nothing
     just like life
know the semantics
intimate and intricate structures

     respect your surrounding

respect your surroundings like you 
respect your body. The surroundings
and body are temples to worship.

respect the Earth. respect places and 
spaces. Learn more of others

        opening consciousness 
        opening respect

Are individuals becoming abstract now? Where is the body of the grandmother? 


                         I Lean Do not Be  
                         a person who feels sorry for
                           yourself enjoy life and grow
                           throw that Baggage away when
                           you get a chance.

                         enjoy life and grow because life 
            can be blessed if you live it appropriately.
    Life is moments to be enjoyed. Take 
snapshots of things you hold precious +
keep them forever with you. 
       changing attitude? thank you :) 

life is ever blossoming, unconditionally giving,
      reminds me of these moments to enjoy, to love
changing attitudes indeed
      how long does it take to change?


I learned this: 

love each and one another. 
Can 'love' be defined in words?
Love cannot be defined it is 
something that is is just is!

WE are love. This community is love.
Thanks for the moment of "love" you share
with this class.
Love is definite?

What pulls us to define?

       Can anything pullus away? Is there a line of condition? Where love and pain cannot
be reconciled?

        Love is an emotional thing for me and I really would love ot have Reuben at the Learning Centre on Thursday.

Let's try and make that happen. 

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