Sunday, December 18, 2016

Context, in Avoidance of Rupture // Language Towards Stone and River

context is what is most important to me - d.b.

This is poetics as abstraction.
What is the context
of active amnesia:
the state. Funded
poetry as erasure.
How do we read
with sensitivity here?
A field of stone
is parking lot;
The invisibility of hills
named fallow ground.
Skies changing with accumulation
of both the potential (read:
capital, read: hotel, read: poetry
on sidewalks) and the effects (read: debris
read: the dialectics of development).

A field of stone is a building site
or a giant fucking hole.
I heard no one
asked any one
about much
especially the network
of old coal shafts
that run beneath the city
and if disrupted
would collapse
the whole

so much can be passed over
in avoidance of the rupture🔺 - l.r.

Gloria Neapetung
designed the street
sign for Okisikow
way. “during and prior
to treaty making
it would have been the
who would have
been consulted
regarding the land,
because the authority
and jurisdiction to speak
about the land
resides with the women🔻.” (55)

What life ways
weaved here? What
ruptures suture?
What protocols
attend the denial
of presence - what
laws might honour
its persistence?
I listen here
but I do not pretend
to know.
I stumble
towards stone

and river. ______________________________ 🔻McAdam, Sylvia. Nationhood Interrupted: Revitalizing neyihaw Legal Systems. Purich, 2015 🔺Robertson, Lisa. 3 Summers. Coach House, 2016.

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