Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Today, I was asked to be in an educational space where I did not understand the trajectory of the questions, nor the language that was at the center of the lesson. And I was unthreatened; I was safe; I learned.
Safe is a space where I can fall asleep without fear of being reprimanded or made to feel ashame.
There is a generosity in Reuben's way of being that immediately puts people at ease. It makes me wish I had better questions and ways of expressing myself
 Sometimes a moment of silence speaks the loudest truth
safe here in the spirit markers and the abnormal normal love directions
His talk on love made me think of the way my granddaughter looked at her mom when she was only a few months old. the expression on her face was indescribable.
I love your image of his talk as a door. A door to history that was untold and voices that were silenced.
I recall the look on my dying father's face, when I told him his wife of 60 years had died. That is what love looks like.
Love is looking for your in the eagles and in the clouds
love is hopeful just like the eagles and it disregards how difficult and hard it can be.
The speaker Reuben opened a door for me to look through. I felt blessed to hear what he had to say; to see what he had to draw. His stories about his life and the life of his grandfather gave me knowledge of events in this area where I live. His explanation of those times clarified the injustice done towards his people.
I am lost without direction
Four directions
The number of ribs are embedded right here
their ribs pashwa mostos
can a law be composed of ribs?
I don't think a law can be composed
I think you can decompose it
I love the gifts of our grandparents.
I learned that buffalo have sixteen ribs
I thank God that he has given me a long life. A chance to meet different people of this earth (world). To build an understanding of his will and the diversity of this precious world which he has made and put us here to enjoy.
I am encouraged by your faith, and your ability to continue learning
This class is truly an example of living in the now by absorbing each second as if it was your last sip of water.
The people you have met are also grateful to have met you.
The world will meet us all, all we need to do is meet the world.
I really enjoyed learning about the native people and their language they are very special people to me and I believe in them and I know there medicine works and there dream catchers work. They are awesome people.
I agree 100% completely in this presentation
We have certainly learned a lot "? is love"
The learning has not finished
The creative consciousness awaits you, just sit still closing your eyes.
Grandmothers in their directions powering me home.
Grandmothers in their directions
Remembering not remembering
the sounds, the words
That we say when we first come out of our mothers womb
then the last words we say before we die. Getting some air in thats why they call it
Think of this as an opportunity to breath, learn and share.
I learned the word me heo.
very funny person. I never seen in conversation, comedian, and good leader sense of humour.  Interesting time with went by pretty fast. I wish he will come back again to learn more about his history.
The learning has not finished. You may learn more on your own.
Be still and know your spirit guide will take you to a learning place

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