Wednesday, December 21, 2016

conrad's somatic exercise #4

Take a red magic marker and draw a 9 on your naked chest. Draw the 9 from the bottom up. Start the tip of its tail at your naval and sweep UP to have the round circle of its head in the middle of your breasts. Put on a shirt that conceals the 9 from other eyes. Go out to the corner and quickly choose a direction. At the next corner choose another direction. Don't think about where you are going, instead spend the time between corners looking carefully at the world. Finally come to a complete stop at the 9th corner. Look across the street and focus on four different objects. Draw a line to connect them, looking carefully at what's inside this square you've just made. What's outside it? What's half-in? Imagine you string lights to make the square. Imagine its contents at night, dimly lit. Imagine this square a year from now. Ten years from now. Now go somewhere quickly and write, run, run to a place where you can write. Suddenly the city, your city, is a place where places to write come to mind, you must always know those places at all times. 

Come for the flavour, stay for the pills
Get your fill
Fill up and ride
Sidle up and make a choice
Talk about something wild
Felt some cold on my blue legs
Can't imagine never seeing it again
It'll all outlive me
Keeping me alive, a sustenance, a market
Of pleasure and pain and necessity
Needs me less than I need it
Next time I come back for you
I'll get another sandwich and watch another merry band
Enjoy whatever it is they do these days
Not the same days, but all days all the same
Happy thoughts, chin up,
Slog your way back through your personal fog
And rely on it, it'll be here the tomorrow after you

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