Monday, December 5, 2016

Somatic Poem Excercise: Connecting with Nature

My love for nature runs deep. So, I created a somatic poetry exercise based around the outdoors.
It can be recreated indoors if necessary :)

Find nature.
Go outside. Spend at least 15 minutes with no cell phone, no technology at all. Focus on breathing. After you walk for a few minutes taking in the surroundings start to interact with them. Pick up a pine cone, tree branch, piece of garbage, pine needle, dip your fingers in a river, throw a snowball. Think about how you interact with nature everyday. Think about the items you are interacting with. Touch at least 2 items. Once you have spent some time with them find a park bench near by and sit down with a note book. Write down features you noticed about the items. Use your notes, and the physical object (river, rock, pine-cone) ect. to create a poem. You must write right away. Do not interact with people or technology until your poem is finished. Preferably do this in an area where you can touch, see, and hear objects of nature. Like by a running river.

If it is to cold outside the project can be recreated by watching a nature video (with no words), listening to water or storms online, and bringing a few items of nature inside to interact with....good thing pine-cones and branches are portable! Except for starting the video and music same rules technology or phone use. No interacting with people. Just be and write!

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