Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Karen's Somatic Exercise

Somatic Exercise:

Imagine yourself into the bottom of a ten foot pit. No light, no sound, nothing-- just you and a clean dark pit. It's your pit. It's all for you. Lay down (literally or not, whichever-- if possible, go somewhere you might identify as your ten foot pit) and imagine its full experience-- how does it smell, what does it feel like, are you warm or cold, do you feel safe or afraid down here? Now you're going to write your way out of the pit. Write the things you need to to get out of this place, or to write yourself anywhere else. Write the things you love about your pit and the things you hate about it. Write about your footholds, about the rope connecting you from that bottom to those who love you and want you back. Write about what it's like coming back out. Is it easier to stay down there, in the end, or not? Who knows? Are you ok?

Thanks, everyone, for the semester. Hope you're all well :)

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