Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Late-night somatic inspiration

CHOOSE ONE: grow out or shave off all the hair on your legs, whichever is opposite from your usual practices. (Of course the former option will take a bit more time than the latter.)

How do your legs feel? Are you colder? Warmer? Itchy? Sexy? How does the air feel against your skin? How does it feel moving through this extra layer of YOU?

TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS and go outdoors. 
Go for a run. Walk into the wind. Sit in the sun (wear sunscreen!)

GO TO A STORE. Do people look at your legs? Do you get treated differently? Does no one notice? 

TELL SOMEONE what you've done. Preferably a stranger. 

Write 5 words down describing their reaction. Keep these words on your person.
TRACE these words with your fingertips along your legs, through the layer of hair or across your newly exposed skin. 

Write a poem about these words. Your legs. Your life with new legs. Do you also have new eyes?

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